Frequent Collaborators:

Rolfe Kent - Composer Rolfe Kent scored MERCY, OXYGEN, MEXICO CITY, and THE ROYALE. He also served as a producer on MERCY.

Adam Lichtenstein - Adam Lichtenstein served as the editor on MERCY, OXYGEN, MEXICO CITY, and SCOTLAND, P.A.

Christopher J. Quinn - Christopher J. Quinn played small roles in, click, MERCY, OXYGEN, and THE ROYALE.

Maura Tierney - Maura Tierney starred in OXYGEN and SCOTLAND, P.A. and played small roles in THE LINGUINI INCIDENT and MERCY. (Her voice can also be heard in MEXICO CITY.)

Fred Wilhelm - Singer/songwriter Fred Wilhelm provided the song "Beneath You" for OXYGEN, and "Pennsylvania Turnpike" and "I Like It Hot" for SCOTLAND, P.A.

Other Actors:

David Bowie - Monte in THE LINGUINI INCIDENT

Adrien Brody - Harry in OXYGEN

Pierce Brosnan - Julian Noble in THE MATADOR (also one of the movie's producers)

Andy Dick - Jesse in SCOTLAND, P.A.

Marlee Matlin - Jeanette in THE LINGUINI INCIDENT

Robert Patrick - Ambassador Mills in MEXICO CITY


Abandon Entertainment - Distributor of MERCY, OXYGEN, and SCOTLAND, P.A.

Ardustry Entertainment - DVD distributor of MERCY

CURB Entertainment - Co-producers of MEXICO CITY and OXYGEN

Lot 47 Films - The production company behind SCOTLAND, P.A.

Miramax / Dimension Films - DVD distributor of MEXICO CITY

Sundance Channel Home Entertainment - DVD distributor of SCOTLAND, P.A.

USA Network - The network behind CLASS WARFARE

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